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Cambridge University Library, MS Ll.1.18

A miscellany of household information; Latin and English; compiled in the fifteenth century.

Reproduced by permission of Cambridge University Library, whose agreement must be sought for publication or re-use of the image.

Folio 44v
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Item 9

Page range: ff. 42v-44v
Heading: Here Begynneth the Rewle And the Ordinance off sleyng
off almaner wyldfole off hole fote and clofe fote and saw
syng for hem and the sleyng off fawre foted bestez and
the sawsyng for hem et cetera
Begins: For Crane Take a crane and lette hym blode
Ends: pouder gynger and salte
Subscription: Explicit et cetera

A series of 23 culinary recipes, mostly for game birds and animals. Voigts and Kurtz nos. 2255, 4661; Unprinted, and apparently otherwise unrecorded.

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Item 10

Page range: ff. 44v-45r
Begins: A herde off hertes
Ends: A rysyng of Rebellez or of shrewez
Subscription: Explicit et cetera

List of company terms. Manual 10, pp. 3702, 3920-2. On texts of this type see Corner (1962), where this example is printed (p. 231).

Item 11

Page range: f. 45r
Heading: Vinum de Burdeux et Alijs locis
Begins: Rede wyne
Ends: Grene gynger j li x d

List of wines and spices in two columns, the latter column priced. Unprinted.

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