Scriptorium is a website devoted to medieval and early modern manuscripts online. It is centred on a collection of digitised manuscripts of commonplace books and miscellanies dating from 1400-1720. As well as high-quality page images, it also offers descriptions, transcriptions, and other supporting resources.

The manuscripts and most supporting materials from Scriptorium are now available here, as part of the Cambridge Digital Library:

The palaeography training tool ‘English Handwriting: An Online Course’ can be reached via the English Faculty website, here:

The original Scriptorium site also included essays about the manuscripts. These can all be downloaded here:

Aysha Pollnitz, ‘Trinity College, Cambridge, MS R.7.31’ (pollnitz_trinity_r.7.31_copy2)

Christopher Burlinson, ‘Queen’s College, Cambridge, MS 90’ (Burlinson_Queens_MS_90)

Colin Burrow, ‘Cambridge, St John’s College Library, MS S.23’ (burrow_st_johns_S.23)

Daniel Andersson, ‘A Political Education in Seventeenth-Century Cambridge’ (Andersson_A_Political_Education_in_SeventeenthCentury_Cambridge)

Daniel Wakelin, ‘Cambridge, St John’s College Library, MS S.54’ (wakelin_Johns_MS_S.54)

Edward Holberton, ‘Holkham Hall, MS 685’ (holberton_Holkham_Hall_MS_685_description_copy1)

Lucy Razzall, ‘Belton House MS S.115.20’ (Razzall_Belton_House_MS_S115_20)

Peter Hoare, ‘Belton House, Lincolnshire, MS S.115.20’ (hoare_Belton_House_S.115.20_copy1)

Raphael Lyne, ‘Cambridge, King’s College Library, MS 840.5’ (lyne_kings_college_ms_840.5_description)

Raphael Lyne, ‘St John’s College, Cambridge, MS S.34’ (lyne_stjohns_college_ms_s.34)

Rebecca Bullard, ‘Cambridge University Library, MS Add. 8460’ (pdf)

Ruth Connolly, ‘St John’s College, Cambridge, MS S.23’ (connolly_st_johns_S.23)

Sara Harris, ‘Trinity College, Cambridge, MS O.9.38’ (harris_trinity_ms_O.9.38)

Victoria Burke, ‘Lambeth Palace 2240’ (Burke_Lambeth_Palace_2240)

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